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Pearl Harbor DVDPearl Harbor DVD : I think viewers need to give this movie a second chance. I'm a film enthusiast, film historian and general historian with interests in the American West and W.W.II. Most historical dramas do take liberty with the history of the subject at hand. They have to. Film is for entertainment, passion, and escapism. A bad historical drama tells a story so off the mark and is usually directed and acted terribly with no sense of the true motivations of people and events portrayed in the film. A good historical drama may take some liberties; comprise several people into one character, change names to protect the innocent, create false characters. But, it captures the essence, the spirit, the importance of the time it's covering or the person or persons it represents. Case in point: I believe it would be difficult to find a large number of people that hated "Braveheart." The film was a historical mess in many respects. But, it relished in the spirit of the person William Wallace; his charisma, his leadership, natural military genius and love for Scotland. (Online Review)

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