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Gladiator DVDGladiator DVD : Through the lavish use of computer graphics, as well as masterful costume work, the viewer is vaulted back to ancient Rome. Russell Crowe and Joaquin Phoenix both offer Oscar caliber performances, and the supporting cast is likewise excellent (of particular note is Djimon Hounsu of "Amistad"). The film is packed with action, but also relates a tale of political intrigue, and also deftly deals with issues of love and faith. Finally, the soundtrack is outstanding; in particular, some of the vocal arrangements are nothing short of haunting.As for the DVD, it offers some outstanding feautures. I particularly enjoyed the TLC documentary on gladiatorial games, which does much to ground the movie in some historical fact. I also enjoyed the deleted scenes with commentary from the director. I enjoyed them all for what they added to the film, but I really liked the insight into the editing process that Scott's comments provided. (Editorial Review)


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