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Cast Away DVDCast Away DVD : After reading a few negative reviews of this film, I became convinced that some people need help in figuring out certain things, like BEING STUCK ON A DESERTED ISLAND FOR FOUR YEARS IS SUPPOSED TO BE LONG, MEANDERING, AND IT JUST PLAIN ....! Anyway, I quite liked "Cast Away", despite a slightly slow third act. Tom Hanks plays a FedEx employee who happens to get stuck on an island, all by himself and with barely anything to survive with. What surprises me about the film is it's usage of elements such as a musical score (virtually nonexistent for 2/3 of the film), sound effects (the "score" for most of the film), and even photography that have to explain a lot in a film like this. Even though it is a good film with some good performances, it is marred by a slow third act, but is definitely a commendable effort. The DVD boasts a few documentaries on the island itself, survival techniques, and one on Wilson, the volleyball. It also includes a 45-minute interview with Tom Hanks on not just "Cast Away", but on some of his previous efforts (including the upcoming HBO miniseries "Band of Brothers"). Plus, there's some visual effect sequences broken down for your amusement, and the trailers, TV ads, and a nicely hidden Easter Egg that may answer one of the movie's more intruging questions. It's a nice presentation for a good (but not great) movie. (Online Review)

Cast Away-DVD!

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